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Who Are We


Established in 2004, The Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV) is a non-partisan, not-for-profit think tank based in Ankara, Turkey. TEPAV serves public and private actors in Turkey and our outlying region by generating informed policy advice and building platforms for public dialogue. TEPAV’s interdisciplinary research focuses on concrete policy matters and presents feasible recommendations via data-driven policy analyses.

TEPAV has completed over 200 projects since its inception. Its research experience covers numerous sectors including but not limited to agriculture, industry, and service. Moreover, heightened focus is paid towards macroeconomic performances, economic growth, regional development, urbanization, international economic integration, competitiveness, forced immigration, climate and energy, innovation, health, and governance policies within Turkey and abroad.

TEPAV’s team continues to employ different analytical approaches in these studies (e.g. value chain approach, impact assessment, benchmarking studies, case studies, data mining, foreign trade analyses, and stakeholder engagement). In this capacity, TEPAV has worked with multilateral entities such as the World Bank, EBRD, ILO, UNDP, and the European Commission as well as with large multinational corporations such as Google, Microsoft, Intel, and Amgen, to name is few.

In tandem with Turkey’s G20 presidency, TEPAV is proud to have undertaken the organization and the coordination of Think 20 (T20) outreach group in 2015. Owing it to TEPAV’s Constitution Platform Project in 2012, TEPAV was selected as one of the three best think tanks in Europe by The Spectator magazine’s Think Tank Oscars in 2014. Furthermore, since 2015, TEPAV has been ranked among the top 50 think tanks operating in the fields of foreign policy and international relations in the World Think Tank list published by the University of Pennsylvania.

TEPAV employs 50 full-time staff consisting of researchers with expertise in academia, diplomacy, public policymaking, and strategic consultancy. As a think tank and policy institute that has conducted projects and field research in over 60 countries across the world, TEPAV maintains a deep and wide-ranging network.

TEPAV Health Economics

With its 20 years of experience, TEPAV operates based on an organizational matrix consisting of programs, centers, and institutes.

While TEPAV conducts projects in many fields, it continues its projects in the field of health and will continue to share related works at in addition to