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Demand dynamics: tobacco use patterns and behavior<br/>4th Policy Note

Demand dynamics: tobacco use patterns and behavior
4th Policy Note

The 4th Policy Note prepared by the TEPAV Tobacco Control Policy Research Team has been published. This note provides a comparative analysis of demand in Turkey with a focus on gender-specific demand dynamics, in addition to summarizing the global dynamics of tobacco demand. The main findings in this note are as follows:

• Globally, there has been a steady decline in tobacco use prevalence in both genders, across all age groups, all continents, and income groups. This decline is expected to continue.

• The global downward trend in tobacco use is noteworthy and encouraging; however, prevalence rates are still higher than desired levels.

• Despite an overall global downward trend, patterns and behaviors vary across regions and countries.

• Unlike the rest of the world, smoking prevalence rates are not declining in Turkey. Furthermore, smoking prevalence among women in Turkey is one of the highest in the world. Better educated women are observed to have a higher rate of smoking, almost on a par with men when university graduates are considered.