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How is The Tobacco Industry Changing?<br/>3rd Policy Note

How is The Tobacco Industry Changing?
3rd Policy Note

The 3rd Policy Note prepared by the TEPAV Tobacco Control Policy Research Team has been published. The note covers the new products’ usage rate such as electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products in Turkey, and the global market share of these products. Main findings in this note are as follows:

• The tobacco business has long been dominated by conventional tobacco products, but the emergence of new products is an important development for the industry.

• The introduction of new products has not resulted in a significant decline in demand for conventional tobacco products. The new items, on the other hand, appear to be expanding their market share, and they may be the industry's growth engine in the coming years.

• The demand for new products is not widespread; in fact, it is concentrated in countries such as the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Russia, South Korea, and Canada.

• The recent data from 2019 demonstrates that the prevalence of e-cigarettes in Turkey is still minimal. According to surveys conducted with university students' participation, the prevalence rate among university students could be significantly higher.

• Regarding the introduction, and adoption of these newly trending products in Turkey, there are some further research questions that should be studied.