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Who Smokes? A Worldwide Perspective<br/>2nd Policy Note

Who Smokes? A Worldwide Perspective
2nd Policy Note

The 2nd Policy Note prepared by the TEPAV Tobacco Control Policy Research Team has been published. In the note, demographic characteristics and genders of global tobacco users are presented by analyzing them by country. The prominent findings in this note, which explores global trends, are as follows:

• Despite the fact that the global smoking prevalence rate is declining, more than 1 billion people continue to smoke.

• Currently, despite the fact that the global prevalence rate of tobacco addiction has decreased, the world is still not on the right track in its fight against tobacco addiction.

• In contrast to some countries where smoking prevalence is already at low levels of 4 percent, Turkey and countries in its vicinity possess noticeably higher prevalence rates.

• Brazil, Germany, Japan, the Philippines, and Russia are countries that have succeeded in reducing smoking prevalence rates, whereas Turkey does not offer a “best-case study.”

• While men have traditionally been more prone to smoke, in more economically developed nations, the gender difference in prevalence rates has closed.

• The prevalence rate for women is increasing more rapidly in Turkey compared to men.