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Why study Turkey’s tobacco control policies?<br/>1st Policy Note

Why study Turkey’s tobacco control policies?
1st Policy Note

Like all consumer goods, tobacco has supply and demand aspects. Unlike many other consumer goods, it also has health and public policy dimensions. Tobacco is a particularly relevant research area considering its high rate of consumption prevalence and adverse effects on health when compared to other consumer goods.

In this note, five facts are shared in order to highlight the urgent necessity of studying tobacco control policies in Turkey. These five facts are:

1. Tobacco use, as well as exposure to tobacco smoke, has adverse effects on health and is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in Turkey.

2. Imperfect and asymmetric information about the outcomes of tobacco use makes it a public concern.

3. Turkey is one of the countries that has enacted the most comprehensive policies to curb smoking.

4. The demand for tobacco products has grown in Turkey despite the current measures in place.

5. Within-group differences in Turkey warrant additional tobacco control policies targeting relevant groups.