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TEPAV Monitoring Newsletter on Tobacco Control Policies<br/>January 2023 | Issue: 03

TEPAV Monitoring Newsletter on Tobacco Control Policies
January 2023 | Issue: 03

This news bulletin has been prepared by TEPAV with the purpose of sharing data and information on tobacco use in Türkiye. The detailed analysis of tobacco product consumption in Turkey is based on micro data obtained through nationally representative surveys. The data used in the preparation of the bulletin were collected during the October wave of the TEPAV survey. The computer-aided telephone survey, which was conducted in the 12 NUTS-1 regions of Türkiye ((İstanbul (TR1), Balıkesir (TR2), İzmir (TR3), Bursa (TR4), Ankara (TR5), Antalya (TR6), Kayseri (TR7), Samsun (TR8), Trabzon (TR9), Erzurum (TRA), Malatya (TRB), Gaziantep (TRC)) with a total of 2000 participants.

The October wave of the survey was conducted with a revised questionnaire that was expanded to include questions related to the relationship between smoking and self perceptions, as well as cessation behavior. The relevant literature states that people have beliefs about and expectations for their ought and ideal selves that do not always match up with their actual selves. This news bulletin mainly focuses on the psychological and social aspects of smoking, as well as participants’ self-related concerns, motivations, and cessation attitudes. The aim is to relate smoking and cessation attitudes to individuals’ self-related thoughts in Türkiye.


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