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What a name suggests: tobacco products <br/>7th Policy Note

What a name suggests: tobacco products
7th Policy Note

The 7th Policy Note prepared by the TEPAV Tobacco Control Policy Research Team has been published. The Note provides an assessment of the different types of tobacco products that have emerged, in order to understand the tobacco products market, assess the harms of the products and interpret recent developments. The summary of the findings is as follows:

- There are numerous tobacco products available. Although the prevalence of these products varies depending on geographical region and culture, most deaths occur due to smoking.

- In addition to products containing tobacco, there are also products that do not contain tobacco, but contain nicotine. At the same time, there are products that contain tobacco, but are used by heating without burning.

- Due to the rapid transformation of the tobacco products market, there has been a need for more work on identifying and naming these products.

- In the tobacco products market, the names given to the products directly affect the conduct and interpretation of scientific research. It is important for everyone to know clearly what the names of the products are, in order not to cause misunderstandings and disputes about the interpretation of the data.

- Clear scientific communication is possible only by making a clear and clear classification of products and being clear about concepts. It is clear that an ontology prepared on this subject will contribute positively to both the scientific presentation of the opinions on what different products are and their harms, thus the correct formation of the perception in the society and the protection and development of public health.