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Webinar: The Economics of Curbing and Cessation of Smoking in Turkey

Our webinar on “The Economics of Curbing and Cessation of Smoking in Turkey” to be held on October 21th, 2021*, by TEPAV.

The purpose of the webinar is to draw the attention of all interested institutions, bodies, parties and individuals not only in Turkey, but world-wide, to a review of the current state of smoking in Turkey stemming from the findings of our report, “The Economics of Curbing Smoking in Turkey: A Scoping Review - Supply, Demand, Health, and Public Policy Aspects”. The review to be presented compares the situation in Turkey to other countries, particularly to countries possessing similar attributes, while indicating areas where further research needs to be conducted for the quest of curbing and cessation of smoking in Turkey to be more successful. Our aim is not only to present the review and scoping analysis but to bring together interested and responsible stakeholders for establishing a network and initiate a preliminary discussion on further research needs and policy questions.

* Detailed program will be shared as soon as possible